A Very Warm Welcome to Broc-Mor’s Blog….Warts and All

As this is Broc-Mor’s very 1st blog post…a big thank you for taking the time to read our post! In the process of having our website built it quickly became clear to me that a blog would be an asset to our site. Why? and who am I? My name is Berith and I am the founder of Broc-Mor Gift and Home. A small but very lovable gift shop located in Aberystwyth, Wales, UK. I am also a mother to two children, plus a wife and proud dog owner to Ludo our chocolate lab! Like most women these days….I have many roles to play and find the juggling act between work and home life rewarding sure…but lets be honest ..exhausting! It is with this in mind that I thought Broc-Mor’s blog as well as hopefully inspiring you with our lovely choice of gifts could also be a space where I could write down my thoughts and experiences of what it is really like to run a full time retail business as well as trying to be perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect friend. Don’t worry! I am so far from perfect (whatever that means exactly ) ….which is also the point of this blog! I am tired of being bombarded with images of amazing career women ….with their amazing lifestyles and their amazing children that I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have a blog that really reflects what its actually like to be your own lady boss these days? Warts and all? A kind of director’s rant but hopefully with a positive message…like its ok NOT to be perfect. It’s ok to make mistakes and talk about them openly. For example….I am actually terrible with money!!! And if I am honest I am still scared to death that my business won’t last …that I will somehow mess it all up because I am not smart enough! Mind monkeys I call them. These negative thoughts that constantly put pressure on us to be more than we are! They need to quite frankly f*ck off! Which I make a point of doing daily! And recommend you do the same…literally out loud but preferably when no one else is listening otherwise things could get confusing very quickly! So wish me luck as I take the plunge with our very 1st website. Did I mention I know absolutely nothing about e-commerce!! ?? I’ll let you know how I get on shortly.